The Greenhouse has been a wonderful thing to have to augment the gardening experience. It was built about 3 years ago with a lot of hard work and effort and it came out as tight as a VW, something I realized when the door wouldn’t shut at first till a window was opened. It’s just over 6′ x 13′ and I’ve started a whole bunch of veggies and flowers in here and been able to avail  myself of unique varieties and selections that I wouldn’t have found in the nurseries otherwise. It may not be totally cost effective but the joy it brings is more than enough compensation.

Hanging out on a wet rainy day and listening to the rain on the corrugated plastic roof is lovely and it’s pretty warm on a sunny day even when it’s cold outside. It heats up well and it’s kept watered most of the time, except deep summer when it doesn’t rain, with the rain barrel on the outside. It’s got electricity of course so it can be heated and a seed starting bench so I can start seeds in a space with a heated soil bed and an enclosed environment so it stays moist. It’s a valuable tool and will last for decades. It’ll probably withstand the earthquake better than the house in fact. It’s a treasure…

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  1. I think I could hang out in here all day! What a great sacred place.

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