Shades of Red



And Pink, and Purple, and some in between colors too, but they all fit in the spectrum of Red. I’m amazed by all the plants I have that have red tones to them. It’s obviously a pretty popular color. I’ve tried to add them to the garden because they add so much interest and I love the varied hues they represent. Some of them are in the leaf and others are in the blooms, but all are in the reddish range and provide some intense color to the garden at most any time of the year. These pictures cover the last few months since things started to bloom and leaf out well, tho they’re not in any particular chronological order.

First up is a Yarrow that just keeps getting better each year. It’s called Paprika and has intense red blooms with yellow flecks in the centers. Then are 3 different red Japanese maples that are even named red, like the Red Dragon and Red Pygmy, and the Bloodgood is considered the most excellent red cultivar of Japanese maples you can find. It’s been in circulation since the 1800’s sometime as I recall.

The weeping beech I planted as a memorial for my brother and it has his ashes underneath it. It’ll get taller eventually but since I stopped staking it up it’s stopped getting taller for now. I’m hoping it’ll mound up on itself as time goes on but it may just get wider I’m not sure. The Red Fox Katsura is hard to see I know but it has deep purple blue green leaves that are even more red at first growth. It hasn’t grown this year at all which concerns me but patience is called for here and I’m trying my best to just allow it to grow on its own pace. It’ll be a lovely tree in time.

The Physocarpus, or Ninebark as they’re called, is a small shrub with deep maroon leaves and light pink flowers that didn’t bloom much this year but it grew well. While the Blue Peter Rhodie has been here for years and always puts on a fine display of flowers. The lavender and the sage are in the Herb bed and I’ve gotten a lot of good food from this bed. I harvested my savory and oregano awhile ago while it was in fresh growth and some rosemary too. I’ll have a good stash for cooking this year.

The Mountain Fire Pieris, or Lily of the Valley shrub, has such fine red tones when it first leafs out that turn to a light mahogany and then to  green as time goes on. Buds will set on it from this fall and it’ll bloom in winter with white blooms. I’m rooting for this one to get bigger so it screens us from the neighbors on the deck. It takes time tho so I have to be patient again. It’s required when you a start a garden mostly from scratch and use smaller plants like we did. It takes time and waiting is hard for me but I do it because what else can one do?

I know the Columbine I showed is more blue than red but it’s so beautiful I had to show it. It’s a self sown seedling that just came up in a bed of them I let happen. I love them so much I just let them grow since they aren’t in the way at all. The Heuchera is in the front yard and adds some nice color to that area there with its delicate blossoms and fine maroon leaves. The Anna Rose Whitney Rhodie is in the back of the whole garden and will be a foundation of the corner of the yard as it gets bigger which is doing well now.

The Barberry is a small shrub that has to compete with the Spruce next to it on one side and the Giant Sequoia on the other. It seems  to be holding its own tho so I’m not worried. A little bit of pruning on the spruce and it looks fine. The next azalea is one Louie planted years ago so I don’t know its name but it’s sure lovely isn’t it? Bright and lush it always makes me smile. So does the Ward’s Ruby, one of my favorite azaleas. It’s a kurume so it doesn’t get too big but has loads of blooms when it does so. The Bow Bells and Ken Janeck Rhodies both come on light pink and then one changes to deep pink and the other to white as they age. Both are lovely. The Ken Janeck is a Yak rhodie, a small form with huge leaves that I love. Very cool.

Clearly the Tulips have been here for awhile and it’s amazing that they still come up thru the soil we put there and the plants grow thru them now. They add some bright color to the winter garden when they bloom. The Elephant Ears or Saxifrage, are in the front of the whole garden and provide a soft haven of their flowers with their lush foliage. I love the deep color they have.

The Thrift, the Daphne and the Bleeding Heart are all in the same area and are quite wonderful when they all bloom together. The Daphne is so fragrant too, it’s possible to smell it standing up next to it but if you really want to smell it you have to get down on your knees. It’s wonderful. The Blue Diamond Rhodie has grown a lot this year but only bloomed a bit. It’s so healthy tho I’m happy with it. The currant is blooming well in this picture but hasn’t grown much yet this year, as have so many plants. It seems to be the year of patience for me this year as I’ve said before. Ah well, as long as they keep growing I have faith that they’ll do well in time.

The Racemosum Rhodie is a species Rhodie that has wonderful light pink blooms at an early stage in the season. They come when you’re just tired of winter and need a bit of color in the garden. They provide some wonderful  blooms. The Winter Daphne has wonderfully fragrant flowers in pink and the Ural False Spirea has such cool pinkish tips to its growth I’ve included both which live next to each other in the front yard. You can smell the daphne all over he yard when it blooms.

The Goshiki Kotohime maple means “variegated old harp” in Japanese. It supposedly reminds one of the Koto, a stringed instrument that is endemic to Japan. A lovely plant and a wonderful instrument. This is the new growth that is so very bright and then fades to green as the year progresses. Very lovely. The Heath  is in the Heather garden and adds some blossoms in winter when the heathers are dormant.

The next shot it is of under the starting bed in the greenhouse and has a Persian cyclamen and a Tradescantia which both are doing well this year. They get a bit of water from the bed but we still give them extra to keep them going well. Last is a Moyers Red Nandina in full color with both leaves and berries red as can be. It’s a nice one to finish off this tour of red shades I think.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Red. I’ve done blue before but never red and it seemed like it was time to do so. With all the maples in particular and the other plants now in such fine colors I just had to share them. They brighten up the garden like nothing else and are so varied as you can see that they provide much interest even beside the color. The forms and the textures too add dimensions to the whole interplay of color and style in this garden as they do in so many others.

Red Rules!



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  1. Posted by Phoenix Tears Healed on June 15, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    Hi, happy almost mid-summer 🙂
    I think it’s good that you’ve removed the stake-aid for your weeping beech; they say trees benefit from the wind, makes their roots grow stronger 🙂 I had a look on Google, and I think it will grow taller too, in it’s own time;
    all the best; your garden looks great 🙂



    • Happy Mid-summer to you as well! I actually haven’t removed the stake. I just quit tying more branches to it and I intend to take it out soon. We’ll see how it does. I think it’ll get bigger too. Thanks for the nice compliment on the garden. 🙂
      All the best to you,
      PS. I like your name. I’ve got the Phoenix you see as my gravatar on my wrist as a tattoo. I’m a Scorpio and relate to Phoenix energy a lot… I have to… 🙂



  2. Posted by Phoenix Tears Healed on June 15, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    I like your gravatar pic 🙂 I’m an old goat Capricorn hence the current grav of scrauped knees lol; but I have Scorpio ascension; I was Dove now I’m Phoenix; I’ve arisen from the ashes doo doo doooo and now dustin’ off mi feathers 😀



    • Thanks. Your scraped knees work for me. Congratulations on your ascendancy.. 😉 I have a ways to go I suspect… but I fly now and then.. 🙂



      • Posted by Phoenix Tears Healed on June 15, 2014 at 10:22 pm

        😀 I’m learning phoenix energy; I do not know a lot about it all as yet;
        don’t laugh but when I think Phoenix, I always think of Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix, because it’s so kind;
        and don’t laugh again but I cried when it left.



        • I would never laugh at a reference to Fawkes. He was a gem… I cried too… As for Phoenix energy, it’s so ingrained in me it’s just a natural way for me to be I guess. But I do work at it too… It requires it I think… and it isn’t always kind, but it’s very healing… 🙂



          • Posted by Phoenix Tears Healed on June 15, 2014 at 10:43 pm

            It requires death; and the process of sitting in the nothing of the bleak cold ashes; where nothing will ever literally be the same again; and then, later, the new fire births. Phoenix tears heal.
            Peace. Wren.



  3. Totally a pleasure to behold! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your work, Steve!



    • Thanks for the nice comment, Keith. I appreciate your visits a lot and enjoy your work very much as well. I connect well with your sense of humor.. 🙂



  4. Posted by Phoenix Tears Healed on June 21, 2014 at 10:54 pm

    I wouldn’t normally clutter someone else’s post with a lnk to my blog but this one’s special –

    This one is for the the phoenixes; male and female ones 🙂 enjoy –



    • No problem with posting this here. Very cool song… Very Phoenix like for sure… I can relate, having been deeply involved in both men’s and women’s spirituality movements in years past. I was even a booking agent for a man who sang consciously spiritual songs, including one called “The Burning Times” that had a chant that went “Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna”. It was used in pagan and women’s circles for years (probably still is…) and was written by Deena Metzger for a Women’s Take Back the Night March in LA in the late 70’s.
      Thanks for letting me know about this song for us Phoenixes, 🙂



      • Posted by Phoenix Tears Healed on June 22, 2014 at 5:39 pm

        thanks 🙂
        what do they say, women have to re-fight every 20 years or so! I think it would be easier to ‘take back the night’ as as vampire lol 😀 or werewolf……
        yes I have come across the song it’s good one….



        • It seems to me the fight goes on forever, and will for our lifetimes at least. Glad you’ve heard that song and like it. It was a fun time working in that world for several years. Change comes slowly, but it does come… Perhaps you’re right about the vampires and werewolves being more effective tho too… 🙂



          • Posted by Phoenix Tears Healed on June 23, 2014 at 2:09 pm

            well, it’s one subject that always causes me to ‘drop fang’ 😀 Women are still being raped; kids still abducted; all still being murdered. I’m beginning to think it would be much easier to ‘reclaim the streets’, I would happily go bite all the bad guys, and, I would enjoy it! 😀



  5. lol..I am impatient, too:-) I started with knee high plants and some vines to screen out neighbors,but it takes time. That is why I put up some bamboo fencing to provide some privacy while I waited for bushes/vines to fill in-tee hee! I am very partial to red:-) Red is power! lovely tour + I did get some paprika yarrow last year + LOVE IT!



    • This seems to be a year for patience for me. So many plants haven’t performed the way they’re “supposed” to do and others have just up and died on me for no reason that I can see. Starting with smaller plants is a joy in that we get to watch them develop, but it’s hard to wait for a tree that you know you’ll never get to see being a real tree in your lifetime. Fences help tho for privacy and height. I’m so glad you liked the Red tour. I love the color myself and think it adds a lot to any garden. The Yarrow just keeps getting better each year for me, and I hope yours does too! Take good care, Robbie. 🙂



  6. Wonderful to see how those colours flower out with their surprises.



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