This Year’s Flowers to Date


I went back thru my archives to see how many plants I could find that have bloomed so far this year. They all started with the two Pieris, which were blooming in March when I took the first pictures. As we move thru time and space with the rest of these shots you’ll see them in a chronological order as they come into bloom, or as I get the chance to photograph them. I took the last few shots this morning before I wrote this post so it’s pretty current, tho I didn’t really include everything I could have because the list was getting so big. So here they are as they came into bloom. As you can see there have been flowers here for months and months.

After the Pieris, which really started to show themselves with their buds way back in winter, the next things to bloom were the heaths. My Furzy heaths didn’t look so good this year so I didn’t include them but this Kramer’s Rote is lovely and adds flowers to the Heather Garden at a much different time than the heathers, which bloom in summer.  The Little Heath is in there too so the bed is nice at an early date.

The Winter Daphne filled the whole yard with its fragrance for many weeks as it was simply covered with blooms this year. I was amazed and thrilled to see and smell it. Later on I’ll show two more Daphnes -a Summer Ice and a Lawrence Crocker. The first gets to about 4 feet but the other is a dwarf and only gets to about a foot or so but still has an incredible smell to it, if you get down on your knees!, as does the Summer Ice. All 3 Daphnes are wonderful to have here both for their blooms and for their fragrance.

I imagine most folks know the Lenten Rose and the Elephant Ears. Both bloom early and then put on lovely foliage to show us later on so they stay nice for the year. Next is a species Rhodie called Rock Rose Rhododendron that bloomed wonderfully then froze so it’s not looking so nice right now but it’s coming back slowly. This was a hard winter and I lost several plants altogether as well as a lot of burning on others. I’m lucky that so many survived as well as they did I suppose but I always feel bad when things die on me. Oh well, such is life, eh?

I’ve shown the Dutchman’s Pipe and the Wild Ginger before so I won’t go into them again but I wanted to include them as they were in bloom at this time. The next two are natives. One is a Trillium I collected near the road when we were in the mountains, ( I did it right so don’t worry about mal-harvesting… ) and the Red Flowering currant grows in the Cascades and in other woods. It’ll get to about 6-8 feet tall in time and have currants on it at some point, I hope….

The next two are Rhodies that bloom mid season. The Blue Diamond gets about 4 feet tall and the Patty Bee is a clear yellow, unusual in Rhodies and bred in Ireland so the name fits it well. Next is another Heath family member called a Bog Rosemary or Andromeda. I have another form of it too but it didn’t flower too well this year so I didn’t include it but it is quite nice as well, with larger flowers.

Next is one of the Daphnes I talked about earlier, the dwarf form. Next to it is a small Thrift which has such lovely pink flowers and is small at the foot of the fountain where it gets plenty of over splash of water and grows very well. Following them are two Rhoodies. One is the white-with-a-splotch Dora Amateis which is a 3 foot dwarf and the next is an even smaller dwarf with a clear yellow color called Curlew, another species Rhodie. Both are early and lovely.

The Candytuft surrounds our mailbox out front and is visible to all who drive by and see it. It blooms for a long time. I only have one of the David’s Viburnum so I don’t get berries but I love the plant and the flowers it puts on. Later on I’ll show another Viburnum, the Rhytidophyllum, or Leatherleaf Viburnum, that gets 12 feet tall and will require some work to keep it in place as it grows I’m afraid. It’s doing well now tho it went thru some hard times last year before it came out of it.

The Pt Reyes Ceanothus, or California Lilac, has a nice smell to it and attracts lots of bees when it’s blooming tho it’s still early when it does so. The Ken Janeck Rhodie starts out pink and then turns a clear white as it opens fully. The flowers stay on the plant for a long time.

The Aronia is the new super food I’ve found out. It’s super high in those purple/red Phyto Nutrients that help our bodies heal and grow and I intend to make juice out of them this year as it put on tons of flowers and will have lots of berries. They are a bit tart so the juice is good mixed with a sweeter type or some sugar or honey I’ve heard. I’m excited to see how the juice turns out this year. A lucky coincidence, as I didn’t know its attributes when I planted it. I did it because it likes wet soils and it’s very wet where it is…

The Ward’s Ruby is a Kurume Azalea and is covered with small blossoms when it blooms. I love the deep red of it and you can see it from many vantage points it the garden it stands out so well. The Bow Bells is at the foot of the fountain and seems to like it there a lot. It’ll get up to the edge of the fountain someday but it’ll take awhile to do so. Next is the Viburnum I talked about a bit ago that gets so large. It bloomed well this year.

The Azalea is one Louie planted years ago and I don’t know the name of it but it sure is a stand out in the front yard. Very nice. Next is the Daphne Summer Ice I mentioned above and following that are shots of two forms of Columbine that grow in the garden. I love these airy plants that add such an element of grace to the garden. The one set came up all by itself from plants I planted years ago. Amazing!

Next are 3 Rhodies – the Anna Rose Whitney in the back  corner of the garden, the Western Azalea, the native that grows in the western mountains and is a parent of the Exbury and Mollis hybrids from England that all smell so sweet. They get that smell from this plant. The last is a Sappho that Louie planted a long time ago. It’s so incredible in the front yard and is dominant there now.

The last row starts out with a Common Sage that has amazing purple flowers that the bees love now. As they do the French Lavender flowers that are coming on strong now. The last is a large purple rhodie, a Blue Peter, that Louie planted and has become a big part of the back drop to the whole back garden. I love the purple flowers with their darker splotches of purple in their centers. It’s probably the largest rhodie we have but some get Much bigger. Some are even trees! I wish I could plant one of them but we just don’t have the room.

Still I’m very content with this amazing garden we have here now. There are almost always things blooming somewhere all year long and if not flowers then the foliage gives us many colors to view and textures and structures that make the whole thing work well. I hope this hasn’t been too long a tour. I kinda got carried away when I started to put out all the things that have bloomed so far this year. I found that it’s quite a lot when I did it. I hope you still enjoyed it all. 🙂

Flowers Rule! (sometimes…)



14 responses to this post.

  1. For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory in the Flower!

    Steve, Master Gardener extraordinaire, you’re right. It is a LOT! Goodness gracious!
    It will take me years to catch on. 🙂 Thanks for teaching us the lovely formalities!



    • I kinda thought I was doing a bit too much but all these flowers had bloomed this year and it seemed like a good idea at the time… 🙂 I’m glad you liked the tour and am impressed that you liked so many of my images. Thanks for that! I’m not really a Master Gardener (there are rules you know…) but I try my best to make things look nice. I appreciate your kind comments very much.



  2. Just Beautiful, Steve! Love all of the rhodies and azaleas and viburnums and ……..:) I can’t pick just one. Isn’t it neat every year to anticipate the flowering of the plants and to instinctively know what time of year it is just by observing what’s blooming in the garden? Who needs calendars, right!? :).



    • You’re so right. I have a master list of all my plants and I keep track of when they grow and bloom so I can know what all is going to happen at any time of year. It keeps me on my toes for sure! I was a bit surprised that I’d had so many plants bloom this year so far, and it’s still not even summer yet! Wow…
      Thanks for visiting and for your kind words… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


  3. Just lovely:-) I have always wanted a pieris, but they don’t do well in my yard. I am moving more towards drought tolerant native plants with a few non natives mixed in since our climate is having such extremes the last few years, I have lost a lot of plants that always did well in our area, so I have to plan for the future. I feel we will be having more drought here in the midwest + I have to choose between what will be low water requirements and maintence. We have lost a lot of trees, too, so that has changed the sun exposure + that combined with our summer droughts is intense out there in the middle of summer.
    Do you use a lot of dwarf plants, I love the way you layer and how it all flows:-) Not only do your paths curve, but your flowers flow throughout the landscape so naturally:-)You truly are an “artist” with plants:-) Happy Spring Steve:-).



    • It sounds like you have some real challenges to deal with in your garden this year. This last winter was so hard on so many plants wasn’t it? I’m sorry to hear you lost so many of your old standbys. I lost a few too and others burned badly but have come back again well now, more or less. I do use a lot of dwarf plants, otherwise I couldn’t fit them all in here! And I love them too. Their miniature sizes resonate with their larger parents with me so I feel like I have a mini forest out there in the yard. It’ll be more so as it grows and the actual trees get big. I just hope we’re both around to see them get that way! 🙂
      Happy Spring to you too Robbie. It’s great to have you visit me…



  4. Posted by Crooked Tracks on May 17, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    Wow, beautiful photos and your garden is so impressive. My spirea was flattened by the heavy snow but most of them look OK now 🙂



    • Thank you for the compliments. I’m sorry to hear about your spirea. I lost a few plants to the cold myself but we don’t get that kind of snow, thankfully 🙂



  5. Posted by White Rabbit's Gallery on May 24, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    Not only candy for the eyes but for the nose too…I would love it there. 🙂



    • Too true. Some of these plants are so fragrant it’s like being in an altered state to smell them wafting thru the garden and beyond. Just amazing… I’m sure you would love it and I’d love for you to be here, too… 🙂



  6. are you doing okay? Have stopped by and was wondering where you are since you have not posted in a long time:-( Hope you are doing well:-)



    • Thanks so much for checking in with me Robbie. As you may know, I have Bipolar Disorder, or Manic Depression, and frankly I’ve been in a seriously bad depression for several weeks lately and am just now starting to feel better and like posting again. It’s an evil disease and I suffer from it severely at times. But I’m doing better now and will post again soon. I really appreciate your concern and caring. You’re very kind… 🙂



      • I have missed your posts and seeing your garden, so I knew something was wrong since it is not like you to NOT be out in the garden. I am glad you are better, you were missed:-) big cyber hug over the cyber fence! robbie:-)



        • Big cyber hug to you too, Robbie. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Sometimes I just don’t do too well and simply can’t write, tho I did still garden, which helped me a lot to get better. It’s so good for the soul… 🙂
          All the best to you too,



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