Quinalt Rain Forest and Lodge

As I mentioned in my last post we just spent a week at the ocean near the Quinalt Indian Reservation. One day we took ourselves into that forest and to the Lodge there for lunch and to tour the area. The first shot is entering the Reservation tho most of the time we were slightly out of it on Park land. The first few shots are of the lodge. It was built in 1937 starting in early June and finished by late August the same year. Teddy was coming and they had to have suitable accommodations.

In 1937 Teddy Roosevelt visited the Olympic Rain Forest and was met by hordes of school children holding signs saying “Please Mr President, we children need your help. Give us our Olympic National Park”. Roosevelt said it was the “most appealingest appeal” he’d ever heard, and in June 1938 he created a 648,000 acre National Park and made it part of the National Park system. It’s now over a million acres. It celebrated its 75th anniversary last year. The lodge is at the southern most tip of the Park at the southern end of Lake Quinalt.

Looking at this structure it’s amazing to imagine them building it in under 3 months back in 1937 without the power tools we rely on today. It’s s a huge place as you can see from the picture that shows it from the back outside on the lawn. The rain gauge on the terrace shows that the highest rainfall they ever had was around 14 feet. Last year is it was 12 1/2 or so. It gets very wet here…

There are a couple of shots of the interior of the Lodge, showing the fireplace that takes 4 foot logs and the entrance to the Roosevelt Restaurant. The picture of all the photos shows the construction of the Lodge from start to finish. It’s hard to read of course but you can see the building going up fast and beautifully. The view from the Terrace shows the Lake as you see it from the dining room windows where we ate lunch. It was amazing and we saw a bald eagle perched in the top of the big Fir at the lawns edge.

Next we start to go on some walks and first encountered this tree covered with Licorice fern which I have growing in my garden. It does this thing where it grows on trunks of trees all over, even here in Seattle, but this was a fine stand of it. Next is a shot of the edge of the woods looking into the depths of the forest. Then we went on a hike on a Nature Trail and took a lot of shots along the way.

Willaby Creek runs under the road here and we can see it as it falls near the bridge and runs under it. It’s a fast flowing stream that gets pretty big in the winter season as it is rushing now. The trail follows its canyon for quite awhile till it turns back to the start of it. There are many fine ferns to see all over. Here are the Deer fern and the Sword fern, two common NW natives that I have in my yard at home. Here they cover the whole area. Quite a sight to see.

Once again we look into the deep woods and see as far as we can into them. It’s not easy as these woods are so dense. I’d never want to bushwhack in them, tho I have. It’s too dangerous and very wet. Lots of water everywhere here. It makes for a lush forest and lots of good growth. Here’s a shot of some kind of weird lichen someone put on a stump so it could be seen well. I dunno what it is but it’s beautiful up close like this.

Next I show a few nurse logs and stumps. These are decaying trees or stumps that serve as homes for new life. In some cases even big trees start out on these logs and create a new forest that way. It’s fascinating. In the middle of them is a picture of a skunk cabbage patch just starting to grow into its fluorescent yellow. Pretty cool, eh?

Next is another picture looking down into the depths of the forest. It’s just so full of life here it’s amazing how it can all fit. But each plant and animal has its role to play and together they all create this incredible ecosystem that ends with a shot of Lake Quinalt from a nice picnic area near the entrance to the Reservation.

It’s a large lake and only is used by the Native fisher folk now because of all the troubles with non-native invasive water creatures being brought in by outside anglers and boaters. Now only the Tribe can use the lake for fishing and I think that’s a good thing. It’ll preserve it from the encroachment of more of the usual development that has already happened here.

Lots of controversy is brewing out here to keep the Olympics wild, tho some locals want it kept for themselves to log and cut down the forest. You can probably tell where my sympathies lie. I sympathize with the local folks but this is a National, even a World Class, Treasure, and it needs to be protected. I think the Tribe will do a much better job of that and maintaining more of the land will only make more trees safe from the chainsaw.

I hope it happens well for all concerned and that some sort of compromise can be worked out to save this forest and keep people’s jobs as well. It’s not am easy task. There are signs all over the area saying to “Stop the Wild Olympics” and let them log it. I personally feel that Old Growth trees should Never be logged, ever again. We won’t have more of them in our lifetimes and even our great grandchildren won’t have them if we don’t save this incredible Sanctuary now. It’s the right thing to do for the generations to come and for the earth itself.

From the Rainforest,



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  1. Thanks for stirring the memories of a week-long camping trip in the late ’70s.



    • You’re so welcome. I’ll bet it was great to see the park back in those days. Less controversy maybe and still beautiful trees to see. I’m glad you liked my way-back machine.. 😉



  2. “It’s now over a million acres” amazing! Thank you for sharing, just beautiful:-)



  3. What a beautiful lodge and such a neat history. Love the fireplace. And then to add in the surroundings! Oh my. The picture of the creek, I felt like I could almost hear the water rushing……so calming. Great shot. Your all’s forest are so different than what we have here on the east coast….the amount of moss is beautiful!



    • Rain Forests are like no other place on earth. They’re so primeval and intense. Overwhelming at the least. It’s a hard place to bushwhack or do something the plants don’t want… 😉 Thanks so much for your comments and for visiting me. I’m glad you enjoyed the pix…
      All the best to you,



  4. Really those big wild tangly forests are not for travelling through at all – they are against the grain of any human notion of travel … but to sit still and listen and look, as your photographs do.



    • You’re so right. These forests are for peering deeply into and seeing the wonder of them. It’s amazing to walk the trails that the Forest Service has built to be able to be amongst them. They make it available for people like me to take those photos….



  5. This place looks amazing, thx for the photos Steven. SD



  6. Posted by White Rabbit's Gallery on April 12, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    Excellent post, Steve. What a wonderful way to spend the week! I want to go there. Please! 🙂 About the logging predicament, it is sad. People don’t understand the importance, especially, as you mention, of the elder or “old growth” trees. The sanctuary, as is, should remain in preservation also for the sake of the planet. Let us pray… Thanks for sharing this lovely vacation. XXOO 🙂



    • I would love to take you to this amazing place. You’d love it I”m sure. It’s got so many historic aspects to it. And the forest is incredible. I hate what’s happening to the Elder Trees and hope they stop cutting them down. It’s all about the money, unfortunately, and a way different mind set that allows the murder of these ancient beings. It should be a crime…
      Thanks for visiting, 🙂



      • Posted by White Rabbit's Gallery on April 13, 2014 at 4:39 pm

        I would love for you to take me! The forest of Elder Trees is magical. It hurts me that they are allow to murder them…as you say, these ancient beings–they are! And, it should be a crime, absolutely! It was my pleasure to visit and can’t wait until I can do it again… XXOO 🙂



        • It’s my pleasure to have you visit me. It’d be so cool to share these trees with you and I hope my blog gives a good sense of what I see in my life. I’ve been a Tree Faerie for my whole life and love them dearly. It hurts to see them killed. Maybe some day we’ll learn better. I sure hope so… Until then I’ll try to post more cool pictures… 😉



          • Posted by White Rabbit's Gallery on April 13, 2014 at 5:58 pm

            Your blog has absolutely given me a sense of what you see in your life…I’m a Tree Faerie also! 🙂 I sure hope we learn soon also. Please do post more! Until I get there, you are my eyes. XXOO 🙂



            • What a nice comment. I’m glad my views of life make sense to you, and hopefully to others as well. I’m not surprised to hear you call yourself a Tree Faerie too. It’s evident in your work. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately so haven’t posted recently, but I’ll get back to it soon. I need to do a garden tour. It’s spring! 🙂


            • Posted by White Rabbit's Gallery on April 13, 2014 at 7:08 pm

              I was going to say…your garden must be “springing” along. Can’t wait to see it. You take care the next few days with all the planetary movements and this pink moon coming, I read the next 3 days will be filled with emotions and passions. In other words, high frequencies out there that can overwhelm us if we are not grounded, so absolutely, gardening time! I would like to grow vegetables in containers–potatoes, strawberries and wild gingerer would be great. I have an idea and the plans but just have to make the effort to do it. I do have a wild garden that maintains itself–nothing really edible. If I ever begin, I’ll post or send you by email. Well, preparing for my Sunday Night Tunes–what shall I play tonight? XXOO 🙂


          • I’ll be careful. Thanks for the warning about the changes coming our way. I intend to spend time in the garden and I hope you get to do that too. Your little plot sounds perfect to start with. I wish you the best of luck with it. Please feel free to ask for advice and if I can help I will. Not that I know a lot but I can help a bit maybe…. You always pick good music, and your quotes are great. I’m sure you’ll come up with something good. As usual… 🙂



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