Wildlife Sanctuary

This garden is located in a part of Seattle called Greenwood. It’s an older part of town that once was its own separate community till it was incorporated under the Seattle charter last century. It used to be the terminus of a wonderful street car line that the foolish City Fathers decided to trash some time ago. It’s too bad because now they’re trying to bring in other streetcars in places and light rails and other things that the streetcar would have made unnecessary. Seems like the way it goes in a lot of cities and it’s too bad it happened here. This garden is almost on the edge of the northern boundary of the city now with just one neighborhood separating us from the neighboring community of Shoreline.

It’s a quiet part of town with lots of trees and parks and a middle/working class neighborhood feel and a rich diversity of people and ideas developing as time goes on. I won’t say it’s not mostly white bread still cause it is but there are a lot of ethnic minorities and gays and lesbians and other folks moving in in droves and it’s becoming quite the little hot spot. There are several grocery stores and all sorts of restaurants, a post office and a Library all within close walking distance to this home. It’s peaceful here right where the garden is tho being in the middle of a set of blocks bounded by busier streets but this is in a quiet area and doesn’t get much traffic or problems, tho there is the odd stick up or shooting or even a murder  here too as there is all over Seattle. It’s a medium sized city and has all the problems of a place its size. And Greenwood isn’t immune to them.

But here in the heart of Greenwood is this precious little Wildlife Sanctuary on a small city lot. It’s an easy thing to do. You just register with the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife and send them $5 and a form they have you fill out with your plant list and a list of animals and birds that visit you and you get this nifty yard sign above and a placard to hang on your wall like I did. It’s very cool and I wish more people would take the time to do it and have more of these Sanctuaries around town. They’re unique little islands of calm and an oasis for the birds especially. Greenwood is a perfect place to have one too.

Be a Safe Haven for the Wildlife,



2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi.Steve, What a great idea!! A. wildlife sanctuary in the heart of the city. And for only $5.00, I assume it is not the only one.
    A city such as nearby Toronto could most definately benefit from such a progressive program. Very cool!



    • Thanks for your comment Dan. I guess I should have mentioned that this is a State of Washington program and is available all over the state so I assume there are many of these Sanctuaries in various areas. And it does take a little over $5 I must admit. That form you fill out has you list all your wildlife friendly plants, your water features and supplies, your cover and forage, a list of birds and animals that visit your garden and other information including your commitment to wildlife. I get a post every month or so from the Dept. that talks about current issues in maintaining the Sanctuaries and its very informative. Maybe Ontario has a similar program or could be enticed to start one. That’d be very cool.



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